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You are summoned to Magic Lantern Jury Service 5/10/12

13 Sep

Octobers Magic Lantern Film Club trailer…

We secured an old court room for the screening of 12 Angry men in October. This was the trailer that created a buzz about the event and enabled us to sell out again and raise over £500 for Awamu.

Here and There

19 Aug

To date, this is still the film that I’m most proud of. It’s a fun and insightful short documentary film made with and by young refugee and asylum seekers from Brighton who are part of the RASP project.  Nadine Beal directed it with the young people behind and infront of the camera. There are some shakey shots in there! but it all adds to the fun of the piece. I learnt a lot about what its like for a young person to be in a different country away from their friends and family and it was a joy to hear their fun and insightful outlook on Britain.
Have a look and let me know what you think!

leake369 put it nicely on the youtube comments:

“I really like this: very positive. It shows that there is a positivity to different cultures intermingling and learning about one another, beyond the events that bring us together. This is missed most of the time, when the majority of the media concentrate on either the negativity of the events that have brought people of different cultures to these shores, or the fears of the indigenous population.”

Inside all the animals .

25 Jan

18K views! nice. What’s going on inside of animals? Here’s what I imagine, with the help of a few zoology diagrams…

Magic Lantern Film Club presents girl walk // all day

20 Jan

The most upbeat event we’ve ever put on. I’m still dancing…

Green team at Immediate Media

24 Nov

Video I created of what the Green Team at Immediate Media got up to in 2011, as well as getting Team of the Year! woo hoo

Have you got any ideas for other things a green team could get up to in work places?  – apart from the normal recyling and turning off your computers at the end of the day stuff.

Nosferatu at St Mary Redcliffe Trailer

25 Oct

Trailer for the Magic Lantern Film Club and Minima collaboration at St Mary Redcliffe church 3.12.11. See the full write up and photos here. (oh did i mention we raised £1031 at this event for Awamu?!)

Tusitukirewamu organisation in Bwaise, Kampala, Uganda

24 Nov

My first meeting with Florence back in 2010. She shows us around Bwaise, a slum area of Kampala where their group is supporting local families affected by HIV and AIDs. We are invited into Regina’s home, a woman who looks after 12 children. More with Florence and Regina in 2012!

Awamu hand-made girls dresses Uganda

16 Nov

A 90 second introduction to the designers and makers of Awamu hand-made girls dresses in Kampala, Uganda. I am co-director of the charity and this was my first meeting and filming with the inspirational woman. for more info