Awamu means ‘together’ in Luganda the main language spoken in Kampala, Uganda.  In 2010 I went to Uganda to meet some inspirational woman and children that my friend Emma Scullion had told me about.

I was expecting to feel sad, angry and maybe unable emotionaly to handle the sight of such poverty. I did come away saddened and angry at the lack of opportunities many of the children have in terms of access to clean water, food and education but I also came back inspired, humbled and in awe of the sense of community, the hard work ethics and love these people have for each other and especially abandoned children now in their care.  I am now co-director of Awamu with Emma and Steve and went back again this year (2012) for a month.

For every beautiful item produced and sold there is an equally beautiful change happening in the communities of our tailors in Kampala – every penny raised through sales and donations is used to support orphaned and vulnerable children and to train women with the skills they need to support their families.

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Read the full blog post about my experiences here

Why not help out? – Were always looking for creative fun people to help with Magic Lantern Events, Promoting and fundraising, drop me a line if you want to help change peoples lives!

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