Tackling Social Isolation through Digital Inclusion

26 Oct

I’ve just completed a year at at Citizens Online charity where I co-ordinate computer courses for the over 55’s and people with a  disability in Bristol.  I made this video for the presentation to BT who fund the project to introduce some of the people who’ve attended our courses and the impact it’s having in Bristol.   The biggest impact I’ve witnessed is with the issue of social isolation.  About 1/4 of the people who attend our courses have lost a partner recently (and often tell us in the first session introductions) and are lonely. It is estimated that 3.1 million over 65 year old’s see a friend, relative or neighbour less than once a week (source).  Having the skills to get online (as well as the kit and connection) goes a long way to reducing social isolation as well enabling people to save money on bills, holiday, train tickets, engaging with online discussions and polls, using council services and having fun!

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