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No Email Day!

4 Jan


Image: Paul Downey

I recently read this article by Ben Terrett who works at the offices of the Governments Digital Services (GDS). Last month they had a no email day!  What an awesome Idea.  I sometimes think most people’s jobs (including mine) could be whittled down to ‘I email’.  I’m thank full that I do have to get out of the office an interact physically with people, but the majority of the time I’m emailing.  Ben writes “we tend to use email as a task list rather than a messaging service”.  Sorting out your inbox shouldn’t be another massive task in your day.  I’m guilty of sending emails when in retrospect it’s more efficient to pick up the phone or go down two flights of stairs to see someone in person.  I would relish an enforced no email day, oh the work that could be done!