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Why I’m a part of Awamu

16 Jul


“One of our fundraising events involved screening a bank heist movie in the vaults of the old Bank of England!”

That’s Marvin on the left and myself in Makarere slum area, Kampala, Uganda.  Marvin is one the boys who is now going to school thanks to the women like Sarah on the right who is selling hand-made beautiful clothes on Awamu.co.uk


Here and There

19 Aug

To date, this is still the film that I’m most proud of. It’s a fun and insightful short documentary film made with and by young refugee and asylum seekers from Brighton who are part of the RASP project.  Nadine Beal directed it with the young people behind and infront of the camera. There are some shakey shots in there! but it all adds to the fun of the piece. I learnt a lot about what its like for a young person to be in a different country away from their friends and family and it was a joy to hear their fun and insightful outlook on Britain.
Have a look and let me know what you think!

leake369 put it nicely on the youtube comments:

“I really like this: very positive. It shows that there is a positivity to different cultures intermingling and learning about one another, beyond the events that bring us together. This is missed most of the time, when the majority of the media concentrate on either the negativity of the events that have brought people of different cultures to these shores, or the fears of the indigenous population.”

Magic Lantern Film Club presents girl walk // all day

20 Jan

The most upbeat event we’ve ever put on. I’m still dancing…